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Designed by manufacturing executives specifically for manufacturers, tailored for sales representatives and service technicians operating in construction related industries.

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A software platform customized to the individual manufacturing partner

Extend Your Training Beyond the Classroom

The Hard Hat Digital Training platform not only elevates the knowledge and expertise of those representing your products, but also increases long-term retention of critical information.

Resource Libraries

Libraries include critical data such as sales and marketing material, product spec sheets, equipment manuals, MSDS sheets, FAQ’s, technical data sheets, parts list, troubleshooting guidelines, customer testimonials or product reviews.

Media Rich Content

Course, lesson, test, and resource materials can be posted in various forms such as videos, PDF’s, Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel or Publisher documents as well as links to Google Drive or other sites.

User Friendly

The Resource Center is intuitively user friendly, convenient to access utilizing any device, and provides a direct line of information for those individuals needing access to important information regarding your products.

More Effective Online Training for Construction Equipment

HHDT empowers the manufacturer to control their education and training message to include levels of material retention. As a manufacturer, you determine the benchmark of acceptability utilizing viewing thresholds, subject repetition, and post class assessments. In short, we place control of your message back in your hands.

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